Day 5!

November 24, 2008

Check out today’s item in ModCloth’s Name It and Win It Contest below. Click the photo to be taken to their website.



Day 4!

November 23, 2008

While you’re all nursing your whole bottle of wine induced hangover this morning, don’t forget about the ModCloth Name It and Win It contest. You know the deal, link below.


Day 3!

November 23, 2008

It’s Day 3 of the Name It and Win It Contest. If you haven’t started wishing yet, better get to it! Click the picture below of today’s item to try and name it.


Since I mentioned ULTA in the last post, I thought I should write about one of my favorite products I happened upon by mistake while shopping around for a new blush. ULTA is probably my second favorite beauty supply store next to Sephora. Not only do they offer name brand products, but also have a quality line of their own store brand. Right as you walk in the door at ULTA, you can see their wonderful display of store brand products neatly aligned by type and color. With such a gorgeous display and brilliant marketing skills, I’m usually stuck there for about half an hour exploring products, colors, and tools. One day I happened to stumble upon a blush color that seemed to be the perfect match to what I was searching for. Not too rouge, with a little touch of warmth to enhance my fair skin. However, this blush is not just for skin types of the fair persuasion, it can easily amplify a whole spectrum of skin tones. Its name “Sun Kissed” is a perfect fit for its truly amazing effect. So what will it set you back? Only $6.50! Not only that, but all ULTA brand products are buy 1, get 1 free. Talk about a bargain. A little goes a long way with this blush too so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. Let me know what you think!


Winter weather is usually a relief after facing a harsh Texas summer. Unfortunately, cold weather usually goes hand in hand with dry skin. You try every lotion on the market, even the stinky, medicated ones to no avail. Not only is dry skin unattractive, it can also be very painful and cause cracking. Not to worry beauty mavens, I have the perfect solution to all your dry skin winter woes. My cure all for croc skin is got2b Spa’s Butta Up Nourishing Body Butter. As luscious as the name suggests, it’s a thick, rich body butter that thoroughly nourishes skin while drenching it in moisture. Although it takes a while to completely sink in, it is not greasy and the scent of honey almond will last all day long. Leaving you smelling fresh while you rejuvenate your skin. Not only is it effective, it also comes without a steep price tag! Click on the image below to purchase this product. Or it can also be found at your nearest ULTA location.

bodybutterOr click below to find your nearest ULTA location:


Day 2!

November 21, 2008

That’s right, it’s Day 2 of ModCloth’s 28 Days: Name It and Win It Contest! Today’s wish is a cute little floral dress with tulle accent near the hem. Perfect for a party or a date. Click on the picture below to get linked to the ModLife blog and submit a comment with your name suggestions for this fabulous item:


Nail polish has always been a favorite beauty product of mine. With so many choices, it’s almost impossible to choose a “wrong” shade. Nail polish is an easy and subtle way to add a little pizzazz to even the most boring of personalities. Each color is unique to any other and the shade you choose says a lot about your own individuality. You can also choose a nail polish that is dramatic without being as disastrous as a bad haircut. Not to mention, nail polishes always have the cutest names. My personal favorite brand of nail polish is essie. Why essie, and not OPI you ask? Not to discredit OPI, they have a fantastic line full of a variety of colors and quality products, but their colors are usually full of too much “shimmer” for my taste. essie offers a line that is full of rich hues of matte colors instead of shiny, glittery numbers. Their nail polish looks more full bodied instead of being full of gold flecks of glitter. I also just think essie has a cuter name and overall better looking product. Not to mention, it is usually a little cheaper than OPI, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. But remember, nail polish won’t look good no matter how great a color is unless it is worn on well groomed, healthy nails. Click the image below to check out essie’s full line of products.

One of my personal favorite shades, “Pansy”:


As I was putting on my makeup this morning, it hit me that I had to share my secret to flawless foundation. Foundation does exactly what its name suggests, it sets the foundation for your face. Therefore, it is critical to use a quality product. Now I’m normally all about a bargain, but something this important should spare no expense. Too many drug store brands are too orange, too oily, or too cakey. You face ends up looking a totally different color from the rest of your body along with a slew of other issues. To avoid these situations, I suggest Laura Mercier’s Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. It offers full, sheer coverage without feeling too heavy. It comes in a variety of colors for every skin type, my personal color being porcelain. Click on the image below to purchase this item. Hope you try it and love it!


Time to get beautiful

November 21, 2008

So I wanted to create a blog dedicated to not only beauty, but fashion, makeup, haircare, nails, skin care, etc.  Basically, anything and all things related to Fashion and Beauty. My goal is to not only share my love of fashion & beauty with others, but to hopefully spark an interest in those who otherwise could care less. To start off I would like to promote a contest starting tomorrow from a website with particularly unique style. The team at is doing a 28 Wishes: Name It and Win Holiday Contest! Just sign up for their newsletter here and if you successfully name an item, you win it! It’s that easy. Winners are announced at the end of the week in their newsletter. The last day of the contest is December 17th so get the creative juices flowing, and name something you like. Good luck to all! Complete list of instructions and information can be found by clicking the image below. Today’s (11/20/08) product is this wallet: