Favorite Finds: essie brand nail polish

November 21, 2008

Nail polish has always been a favorite beauty product of mine. With so many choices, it’s almost impossible to choose a “wrong” shade. Nail polish is an easy and subtle way to add a little pizzazz to even the most boring of personalities. Each color is unique to any other and the shade you choose says a lot about your own individuality. You can also choose a nail polish that is dramatic without being as disastrous as a bad haircut. Not to mention, nail polishes always have the cutest names. My personal favorite brand of nail polish is essie. Why essie, and not OPI you ask? Not to discredit OPI, they have a fantastic line full of a variety of colors and quality products, but their colors are usually full of too much “shimmer” for my taste. essie offers a line that is full of rich hues of matte colors instead of shiny, glittery numbers. Their nail polish looks more full bodied instead of being full of gold flecks of glitter. I also just think essie has a cuter name and overall better looking product. Not to mention, it is usually a little cheaper than OPI, but doesn’t sacrifice quality. But remember, nail polish won’t look good no matter how great a color is unless it is worn on well groomed, healthy nails. Click the image below to check out essie’s full line of products.

One of my personal favorite shades, “Pansy”:



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