Winter weather is usually a relief after facing a harsh Texas summer. Unfortunately, cold weather usually goes hand in hand with dry skin. You try every lotion on the market, even the stinky, medicated ones to no avail. Not only is dry skin unattractive, it can also be very painful and cause cracking. Not to worry beauty mavens, I have the perfect solution to all your dry skin winter woes. My cure all for croc skin is got2b Spa’s Butta Up Nourishing Body Butter. As luscious as the name suggests, it’s a thick, rich body butter that thoroughly nourishes skin while drenching it in moisture. Although it takes a while to completely sink in, it is not greasy and the scent of honey almond will last all day long. Leaving you smelling fresh while you rejuvenate your skin. Not only is it effective, it also comes without a steep price tag! Click on the image below to purchase this product. Or it can also be found at your nearest ULTA location.

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